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About Us

My Background


I was born in Miami to an American dad and a Cuban-American mom.  Raised American, I grew up wanting to know and experience more of my Cuban heritage. My first trip to Cuba in 2013 was so powerful that it changed the focus of my life, and led me to create this company.  I'm excited and honored to share with you this country's culture, its people, its amazing sights and sounds.   Viva Cuba!

Visiting Cuba with Cochinito


Whether you're looking for an all-inclusive package or an a la carte menu of experience options, I offer you entree to the daily lives of ordinary Cubans in both Havana and the western countryside town of Viñales.  You'll meet teachers, dancers, artists, farmers, and entrepreneurs.   I provide authentic experiences of Cuban talent, inventiveness, soulful spirituality, resilience, and great good humor and fellow feeling.  

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The Cuba Difference


 Cubans 'connect' better than any people I've ever known.  Hola mi amor!  Mi casa es su casa!  Would you like some coffee?  Y la familia, como están?  Living in the United States we are relatively starved of the joy and empathy and sharing that are part and parcel of everyday life in Cuba.   A trip with me is an opportunity to recharge your social batteries!

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