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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cuba Safe?


Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world.  Violent crime is practically non-existent, and tourists are treated with hospitality, not targeted by locals.  Americans receive the heartiest welcome of all, like long-separated family.  Walking the streets of any neighborhood in Havana, you will feel the absence of threat, and you will not be mistaken in this feeling.  

Is Cuba a good place for kids?


First, Cuban kids are visible.  They play outside, in their neighborhoods, so a visiting kid will encounter an abundance of playmates.   And then there's so much fun stuff to do!  Horse riding, animal feeding, street soccer and baseball, lake swimming, caving, zip lines, beach and reef snorkeling, and more.  Yes, this country is great for kids, and for kids getting to be kids. 

When's the best time to go to Cuba?


Now is the best time to go to Cuba.  

It's hottest in July and August, like an all-day hot yoga experience.  Chance of moderate temperature is best from December through March.   The rainy season (afternoon thunderstorms) is May to October.    But it's never a bad time to go to Cuba, and you'll always have air conditioning at night!